If your company is like most businesses, each employee is valuable to it's operations. Absenteeism is costly. Nationwide the cost exceeds $3 billion. Unfortunately, when faced with unexpected emergencies, such as a mildly ill child, an elderly parent needing attention, a recuperating spouse, or a no-show nanny, most employees will stay home to take care of their dependent.

Once you consider the implications of a key person missing a critical meeting, the cost of hiring temporary personnel, and the cost paying for your worker's time off, you'll understand why we call Caregivers On Call the benefits program that works for you and your employees.

Caregivers On Call can provide the solution by delivering in-home babysitting and companion care. This solution has three benefits. First, it offers a solution to absenteeism. Secondly, it enhances an employer's ability to recruit talented workers. Finally, it assists employers in retaining talented workers.