Emergency in-home back up care.
Caregivers On Call is the managing organization of a nationwide network of care providers. After careful evaluation, the Company selects the best agencies in each region of the country to provide emergency in-home back-up care on short notice. Using its national “800” number, your employees can call 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Immediately, intake specialists go to work, arranging for an experienced, carefully selected caregiver to be at the home, ready to assume care-giving responsibilities.

Productivity increases when your employees are confident that all is well at home.
All caregivers are interviewed in-depth, thoroughly screened, insured and bonded. They also are provided initial and ongoing education. When an assignment is given, Caregivers On Call telephones the home of the dependent to make sure the caregiver has arrived. Caregivers On Call follows up with a written evaluation. Your employees will be more productive knowing that their dependent is being cared for by a trained caregiver.

A great return on your investment.
Your employees will appreciate the compassionate and constructive way you have solved one of their most worrisome problems. Morale will improve, valued employees will be retained, absenteeism will be reduced, and the costs of recruiting, training and hiring of temps will be decreased.


  • National toll-free access. Employees can call Caregivers On Call’s 800 number 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week to place an order for dependent care.

  • Caregivers are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for work-related emergencies. Employees who do not work the typical “9 to 5” schedule, need to work late or travel for business, find Caregivers On Call a valuable tool.

  • Care provided for mildly ill children. Typically, services are provided for the care of a dependent who is recuperating from a common illness. Caregivers On Call does not care for dependents who have had a fever in excess of 102º during the preceding 24 hours, any acute illness with vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, strokes, breathing or bleeding problems, any person requiring “hands on” care or any person with a contagious illness.

  • Care provided for dependents over the age of 6 months.

  • Caregivers On Call maintains a staff of intake specialists who assess the dependent care needs of each person who calls, to ensure that a suitable caregiver can be placed in the home.

  • Caregivers On Call maintains a database of all registered employees who are eligible to receive the services. It's provider network maintains a database of suitable caregivers. This enables a quick response in meeting employees’ emergency caregiving needs.

  • The staff of Caregivers on Call stays actively involved at every step in the delivery of service. The objective is total customer satisfaction.

    Step One: In depth telephone conversation at time of request of service to understand reasons for service and service requirements.

    Step Two: Follow up telephone call to service site at commencement of service:
    a) to ensure timely arrival of caregiver
    b) to review orientation process and to
        verify that it was successful

    Step Three: Periodic telephone calls placed to service site as quality control measure.

    Step Four: Customer satisfaction survey is mailed to employee after completion of service.

    Step Five: All customer satisfaction surveys are reviewed:
    a) to identify areas of needed
    b) to formulate more effective quality
        control policies and procedures
    c) to inform provider agencies of
        caregiver's performance
    d) to inform employers of employee's
        degree of satisfaction